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Through His words and actions, Jesus taught that “the last shall be first.” With limitless compassion, He reached out to those isolated by disease, sin, and grief. When we strive to ease the loneliness of others, in the Savior’s words, we “have done it unto [Him].”
When a multitude of thousands gathered to hear Jesus speak, He miraculously turned five loaves and two fishes into a meal for all, leaving none hungry. Today, it is our opportunity to help feed others. Explore the many ways you can help make the Christmas season a feast for everyone.
As a family, we would take turns writing the note that was left to try and keep our identity a secret.
 It has blessed me personally because I find that I will be counting the blessings in my own life...
My 8-year-old granddaughter decided to write a note to a girl in the other family.
We plan out every day up until Christmas day in a 'Sleeps Countdown
Do you enjoy Christmas Stories?
What happened to him?
#LIGHTtheWORLD — Follow Our Savior Jesus Christ. In 25 Ways over 25 Days.
Our potential friend, the bicycle Lady
Recently in a busy airport, I (amidst many others) was moving as quickly as I could through long lines and crowded spaces.
The Sabbath helps us turn to the Lord, to our families, to those in need.