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'I was thirsty and ye gave me drink.' (Matthew 25:35)

'I was thirsty and ye gave me drink.' (Matthew 25:35)

People around us are thirsting both physically and spiritually. We can help them receive the life-sustaining water that their bodies need and the living water that their spirits need.

Did you know that access to clean water has the single greatest impact on global poverty?

Consider donating to a cause that helps provide safe water to individuals or communities.

Want to make a difference on a local level?

Donate a case of bottled water to your local shelter.

Is there someone you know who is spiritually thirsty?

Share your testimony of Jesus Christ the “living water” who can give everlasting life John 4:10-14

Thomas S. Monson April 1991 “A Royal Priesthood”

Far away in the foothills on the western slopes of Mt. Kenya, along the fringe of the colossal Rift Valley, pure water is coming to the thirsty people. A potable water project has changed the lives of 1,100 families. In cooperation with TechnoServe, a private voluntary organization, the Church is assisting in a project that will pipe drinkable water through twenty-five miles of pipes to waiting homes in a fifteen-village area. The simple blessing of safe drinking water recalls the words of the Savior, “I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink.”  Matthew. 25:35