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'For I was an hungered and ye gave me meat.' (Matthew 25:35)

'For I was an hungered and ye gave me meat.' (Matthew 25:35)

A person can experience spiritual hunger as well as physical hunger. As Jesus did, we can offer people both kinds of nourishment.

Have you ever been really hungry?

Donate your favourite non-perishable items to a food bank in your area.

What’s your favourite home-cooked meal?

Prepare it and take it to a neighbour in need, or invite the person to your home for dinner.

Do you know anyone that’s spiritually hungry?

Share a spiritually uplifting message with the person.

Thomas S. Monson April 1991 'A Royal Priesthood'

The Church’s humanitarian efforts are reaching the hungry and homeless of many American cities. Throughout the state of Utah, among the border towns of Texas, Arizona, and California, and into the communities of Appalachia, food and clothing are donated through private voluntary organizations or directly to children’s homes, food banks, and soup kitchens. Much of this food starts its long journey on production projects managed by local agent stakes. Food is processed and packaged in Church canneries and distributed through storehouses, where Church welfare recipients and volunteers labor to assist their poor and needy neighbors within and outside the Church. Many could say with feeling, “I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat.”  Matthew. 25:35