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    “Knowing I am a child of God is the most powerful knowledge I possess!” (Jen)
    When we recognize the constant, small trickle of impressions that the Spirit gives us, we will feel closer to our Heavenly Father.
    President M. Russell Ballard said gospel invitations — especially invitations to be baptized — should be Spirit-led.
    “Teach ‘em how to pray and how to work” has been our family motto for many years.
    “We are never living just for today.” (President Russell M. Nelson)
    “There is nothing in this world as personal, as nurturing, or as life changing as the influence of a righteous woman.” (M. Russell Ballard)
    As we look for and find women in our scriptures… we will see far better the power and influence women have on family, community, the Church and the world.” (President M. Russell Ballard)
    “They Helped Others”
    In a new video Sister Wendy Nelson shares how the Lord brought her and President Nelson together.
    Are our testimonies strong enough to be numbered among the believers?   
    I have taken time to reflect on what my response would be if I were asked by the Lord, “Lovest thou me?”