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Community Service

““Working together is akin to praying together.”
“That is really why we come out on missions—to help people and just love God’s children.”
More than a year after a massive wildfire evacuated their community, people in Fort McMurray are still trying to get things back to normal.
For thousands of community residents living in and around Lethbridge, Alberta this Nativity re-enactment has become a favourite annual Christmas tradition.
Something happened in the process of working together that bound us as a group.
“What my friend loved the most was seeing the power of women working together to accomplish something good for the community.”
“Special recognition is given to a local Relief Society for its contributions to the community for two and an half decades of service.”
“Second Mile” Service Becomes Habit for Etobicoke Mormons”
Nativity events help communities focus on the first Christmas.
“Every year I have people come up to me who don’t even know who I am and give me a hug, Barb says. “And with tears in their eyes say, ‘You have brought me back to what Christmas really is.”
“He paid the tithing and a miracle happened.”
Many of the British Columbia host families expressed immediate bonding with their visitors and while they greatly enjoyed the inspirational music, they treasured most the time spent with their new friends. It’s a great trust to send children into the homes of strangers, but with the discretion of Bishops, the Spirit, our shared faith and values, it works out well.