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“The blessing I gave that sounded ‘like a goodbye’ really was—a goodbye to his old life and a renewal of his new life as a follower of Christ.”
Unique experiences lead to conversion and knowledge of the Lord’s love.
“There was something about that first church visit. I left with a giddy-up feeling I hadn’t felt in years.”
I heard a voice speaking to me telling me to help my great grandmother to get baptized.
“Not until I took him to the airport to drop him off for a flight to his mission in Australia …”
“I knocked three times before my father opened the door.”
“I remember D-Day. I looked up at a sky covered with aircraft, all heading in one direction from home base in England …….”
“There is no distance so far that you can’t return to Him and revel in his grace and glory. You always have a reason to hope.”
“The woman then asked me, ‘Do you think cats have souls?’ I pray for missionary opportunities and for the courage to know how to act on them,” he said. “Here was a missionary opportunity delivered right onto my lap.”
I looked up into the sky and wondered, what is in or above the clouds?”
“You don’t have to push a handcart to be a pioneer. Maybe you are the pioneers in your family.”
In the quiet, almost-empty hallway of a small-town post office, a senior couple began one of their most rewarding mission experiences.