Missionary Work

    I readily accessed the prophet’s writings online—the Joseph Smith Papers. Never have I been so edified and enlightened.
    The Lord is hastening His work in the gathering of scattered Israel by providing the gospel to His Saints in their respective languages.
    If we are looking, we will be able to see in our own lives that we are “in the hands of God” (Mormon 5:23).
    “A yearning for connection to our past can prepare an individual to receive the virtue of the word of God and fortify his or her faith.” (Elder David A. Bednar)
    President M. Russell Ballard said gospel invitations — especially invitations to be baptized — should be Spirit-led.
    Are our testimonies strong enough to be numbered among the believers?   
    “You’re going to love Raymond.”
    His example of repentance is a miracle in my life that will always be proof for me that faith in Jesus Christ truly does change lives.
    The Spirit whispered in his ear, “Remember what you promised Me.”
    ”When we put our trust in Christ, give Him the glory and have faith in his power, miracles can happen!” Carmen Letourneau
    She still looked really confused and added, “I thought you came here because of me.”
    “And, situations being what they were in our tiny branch, he was baptized in a hot tub.”