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More than a year after a massive wildfire evacuated their community, people in Fort McMurray are still trying to get things back to normal.
President Thomas S. Monson dies at age 90
“What a wonderful opportunity to learn about genealogy, gardening, baking, service and so much more.”
“In this spiritual application, “RICE” can stand for Repentance, Imparting of ourselves to others, Covenants and Endurance.”
“I call it the ‘sweat shop’ – piles of fabric and rolls of batting sandwiched with individual quilt tops, sewing machines running on ‘fast’, trimmers and turners…”
Those who lose themselves in service to others grow and flourish — and in effect save their lives.
“They came with hoes, shovels, planting equipment, energy and enthusiasm.”
What gifts would the Lord have me give to Him?
If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders fields.
“What my friend loved the most was seeing the power of women working together to accomplish something good for the community.”
In nine weeks, my mother, sister, husband and I all found our own testimonies, each in completely different ways
“I heard these words as if they had been whispered in my ear…“
“No one has ever done anything like that for me in my entire life.”
“There were 50 monks there and they confirmed that they do take care of children.”
“Did we leave an everlasting impact? Probably not, but for that week we helped the people we saw. We helped the one. Whatever we did, it was worth it to me.”
“You must understand that these children never have such treats and it could very well be the first cake they have ever seen.”
'We’ll never know, in mortality, what the likes of many endured. But, we can bow our heads and give them some respect, some sympathy, our thanks, our commitment to never forget!'
“I got a prompting like I’d never had before—I have to help these people!”
Several hundred youth join youth of other faiths in a local community project to assist children in Haiti.
A strong belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit brought great strength to serve through difficult life challenges.
Members unite to provide much-needed community support during provincial fire evacuations.
Members with 'special needs' bless the wards in which they live.
Mormon Missionaries Changing Lives; Members Sharing the Blessings
To renounce the world means to give up your attachment to the world. It does not mean that you have to separate yourself from it.” - Dalai Lama
“They recognized the challenges of such an international effort; however, they did not lack faith.”
It was exciting to see the Lord hasten His work right before my very eyes
We smiled, amazed at how the gospel was preached just by our being at that place at that time.
A special feeling of helping those less fortunate was felt through group service
My heart was filled with compassion once I could feel what other people were feeling.  
Youth come to know what's at the heart of The Book of Mormon.
We felt the need to do something for the children
What a wonderful effort by all involved. We have indeed been of service in our communities and we have demonstrated through our efforts to do as the Savior would have done. We have truly been His hands in this work
Ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you
Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
Thank you for inviting us into your home.' She pulled back a bit, looked me in the eyes and burst into tears then said, 'I'm the one who cannot thank you enough. I am so grateful. You have done so much for me. You are my angels.'
I looked up to see my home teachers, one of whom had a big smile on his face. I remember them speaking to me, though I don’t recall what was said... They placed their hands on my head and as they did so I closed my eyes
“I did not realize the full impact of what we were doing. I just knew it was changing me. It was letting me stand in the shoes of those with a disability.'
In the spring of this year, one hundred and sixty brothers and sisters over 75-years-wise were invited to participate in the “Taber Stake Youth Celebrating Taber Stake Seniors” event.
Situated near Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island is Camp Barnard, a 250-acre camp property with extensive hiking trails set among pine, cedar and fir forests and a salmon-bearing stream surrounding 14-acre Young Lake.
“What is faith if it is not translated into action?”
In the worst flooding in more than 140 years, members and friends of the Church lent a helping hand to flood victims along the Richelieu River in Quebec.
'We sent up more prayers - this time filled with gratitude for the blessings that the Lord that rained down on our community this week.' - Shauna Salmon