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Ministering to Our Father's Children: Service

“He who lives only unto himself withers and dies, while he who forgets himself in the service of others grows and blossoms in this life and in eternity.”

Making the Sabbath Day a Delight

“We realized that there was nothing different in our home or in our society that indicated to me that it wasn't just any other day of the week. We determined right then to make sure that we made Sunday an obvious Sabbath day in our home, so that we and our children would always know when it was the Lord’s Day.”

New Mission Presidents for Canada 2015

Three missions will receive new presidents on a three-year assignment beginning soon.

Sealed Families

“It isn’t only about having family home evening and prayer. It’s also what we do after we get off of our knees.”

I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go

 “That day I came to the realization that God trusted me, that I came to be in that place, at that time, to help and protect one of his precious daughters.”

Lessons Learned in Taft Tunnel [Area Seventy Message]

“The sound of that trickling water may beckon to you, but don't give into that call.”

Two Stake Conferences, One Focus

“There are many things that have affected my life this last week since conference, and I suspect will continue to in the future.”

My Home Teacher, My Friend

Patience, persistence and being a true friend are key to effective home teaching.

Even a Parking Lot Can Bear Fruit

 “It was a sensation that I get when I ask about what I should do. I knew then that joining the Church was the right thing to do.”