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“It’s Time” 2014

 “Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you”

Parable of the Beans

A rich harvest is available as we walk in the light.

Ability by Faith

“I didn’t know why He sent me to earth in the body that I have now, but now I know it was for a reason.”

The Only Members

What is really remote here is the Church. There is no church life in Whistler.

Canadian Church Leaders Offer Condolences in Wake of Terrorist Attacks

Area Seventies from across Canada unitedly express their condolences to families and friends of attack victims

Raising the Bar for Youth: From Seminary Students to Servants of the Lord

“Here it isn’t the teacher who does most of the talking. We discuss the gospel concepts together. The students teach each other.”

Finding Balance in Life

A temple president reflects on what matters most

LDS Church Launches Official Canada Facebook Page

LDS Canada is on Facebook