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We Have Our Standards Part 2

“…we don’t have control over everything that happens, and there are things that happen for a reason.”

We Have Our Standards

I was very devastated, but as I look back now, it was such a blessing.

The Miracle of Having Three Temples in Alberta

“…and the miracle of three temples in Alberta”

I’m Your Shooting Star, Reach Up

Merry and Paul realized that if Joshua’s life was going to be short he should be able to peruse his desires while he could. They let him sign up for Special Olympic floor hockey.

Reach Up to the Saviour

“When we find ourselves in deep, turbulent waters, I hope we reach up and towards our Saviour and never give up hope.”

Senior Missionaries—Unspeakable Joy

"We were both stunned and thrilled to discover we would serve our entire 12-month mission in the very city we had lived in, where we were married and where we had each been baptized so many years earlier.”