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Finding Balance in Life

A temple president reflects on what matters most

LDS Church Launches Official Canada Facebook Page

LDS Canada is on Facebook

In The Paths Of Righteousness

“...I perceive that ye are in the path which leads to the kingdom of God”

Church History in Canada: Joseph Smith Brings the Gospel to Canada

Rumours about a “Golden Bible” had been circulating throughout the region for some years, so there was much curiosity about the man who called himself a prophet of God.

Converted to Redeem

“If only every convert could get to the temple as soon as possible after they’re baptized to feel the power of the Spirit that we can be together forever.”

Parable of the Talents

“They recognized the challenges of such an international effort; however, they did not lack faith.”

Saving our Families

“Our leaders promise that we will be protected from the adversary as we are involved in family history work.”