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Jane Liu and the Elders of Zion

I heard a voice speaking to me telling me to help my great grandmother to get baptized.

Church Updates Official ‘Mormon and Gay’ Website provides ministerial materials for members

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy: What Sign Do I Want to Give to God?

What a privilege, as an indication of our relationship with Him, to be able to return a sign to our Father in Heaven.

The Pre-Christmas Spirit in Southern Ontario

What gifts would the Lord have me give to Him?

Strathmore’s A Night in Bethlehem

Who is that baby?

For Unto Us Is Born This Day A Saviour

Recently in a busy airport, I (amidst many others) was moving as quickly as I could through long lines and crowded spaces.

Conquering Life

“One begins to conquer life when he let’s go of tired excuses….”