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Welcoming and Fellowshipping Others

If we are going to be a Zion people we must truly come to love each other

Fishers of Men

“I knocked three times before my father opened the door.”

No Longer a Thistle in the Wheat

“I heard these words as if they had been whispered in my ear…“

Attached to the Temple

“Everything in the Church, the meetings and activities, the missionary efforts, the lessons taught and the hymns, all lead to the work done in holy temples.”

Kushal Is Coming

“My greatest fear was that Kushal, a Hindu by birth, might view the storm as a warning against his baptism.”

We Have Our Standards Part 2

“…we don’t have control over everything that happens, and there are things that happen for a reason.”

We Have Our Standards

I was very devastated, but as I look back now, it was such a blessing.

Reach Up to the Saviour

“When we find ourselves in deep, turbulent waters, I hope we reach up and towards our Saviour and never give up hope.”