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A Messenger Sent from Heaven

“Before leaving, he put his hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eyes and said ‘Sister, Heavenly Father loves you and I leave you all my blessings.’ Then he left.”

If You’re Happy and You Know It, Refer a Friend

It is rare nowadays to visit any webpage that does not have some type of Share functionality. So, what holds us back from sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

I Choose to Believe

“I remember the feeling of peace that came over me as Peter and I sat in a ‘quiet room’ waiting for the surgeon to finish.”

I’m the Person You’re Looking For

“I finally found what I’d been looking for, but I didn’t want to have missionaries convert me.”

Converted to the Work

“It is a relief to know that my documented ancestors have been offered the opportunity to accept baptism in the spirit world for later entry into the Kingdom of God.”

How Could I Give Up My Dream?

“Radio is not just work to me; it’s a passion of mine. How could I give up my dream?”

Pornography: A Word to the Wise

“The adversary is very cunning; he has been trying to worm his way into our lives for a very long time”

Euthanasia and Prolonging Life

The recent Supreme Court of Canada decision to strike down a ban on euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide is now in the forefront of public discussion. Canadian members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, along with members of other faith-based organizations, have an opportunity to make their voices heard on this critical issue.”

Navigating Life

“I remember D-Day. I looked up at a sky covered with aircraft, all heading in one direction from home base in England …….”

A Special Code

“I noticed a special code, a code of conduct. This code of conduct is crucial, both inside and outside of our council meetings. Whenever we come together, we must come prepared to conduct ourselves in the manner the Lord has taught.”