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Break for the Sabbath

“For me, this was the hardest thing I ever did. For all my years of playing soccer I had dreamed of playing on the HPL soccer team, and felt bad to upset the coach by telling him I would not play on Sunday.”

Church History in Canada: The First Mission

 “My grandfather's journal has been a great strength to many members of my family.”

Sharing our toys

“…we will not fully enjoy the gospel of Jesus Christ unless we share it.”

The Strength of Youth in the House of the Lord

“It’s a great opportunity to have the temple not far from my house, so I can go when I want and have the experience to feel the Holy Ghost.”

For Acts of Service: The Dalai Lama Humanitarian Award

To renounce the world means to give up your attachment to the world. It does not mean that you have to separate yourself from it.” - Dalai Lama

“It’s Time” 2014

 “Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you”

Parable of the Beans

A rich harvest is available as we walk in the light.

Ability by Faith

“I didn’t know why He sent me to earth in the body that I have now, but now I know it was for a reason.”