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A Miracle of the Heart

He was dead. A friend said, “It’s unbelievable what happened. It’s unbelievable how he came back.”

The Only Answer

It may seem as if this advice is too simple for these deep-rooted problems, but the Golden Rule does work and will work because it comes from God.

Serving Steinbach

 “We decided to just serve the people in the community...and miracles began to happen.”

Youth FamilySearch Challenge Brings Ordinance Blessings to Ancestors

 “As you respond in faith to this invitation, your hearts shall turn to the fathers.” - Elder David A. Bednar

Reaching Out to Each Other

 “Each week we were greeted with warm smiles and friends who sought us out just to say ‘hi.’ It made getting up early on Sunday morning much easier.”

Hotline to Haiti

“We have the similarities of wanting to do good for these people.”

Youth Indexing Challenge

Our stake president explained that all members, especially youth, would be more involved in wholesome pursuits as they engaged themselves in family history.

From Despair to Devoted Purpose

Mormon Missionaries Changing Lives; Members Sharing the Blessings