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#BecauseofHim: Church Launches Easter Initiative Focused on Jesus Christ

Easter is the celebration of Jesus Christ rising from the dead on the third day—a truth not only at the core of our faith, but also at the heart of answers to the deepest questions of the soul.

Moral Authority: Dare To Do Right

The source of moral authority emanates from God and is planted and cultured in the home.

Three General Authorities Visit Greater Vancouver Area

Messages of inspiration provide spiritual and testimony-building encouragement

Feeding The Missionaries Made All The Difference

Frequent contact with missionaries and other members became the salvation for our family.

Be Ye Therefore Perfect?

In recent ponderings, my thoughts have been turned to the Saviour’s charge

Hastening the Work of Salvation: A Reality in Merritt

A First Nations family is converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ

David Bissett: An Olympian, a Canadian, a Mormon

Watch for David Bissett in the Olympic Bobsled competition in Sochi

Responding to the Call for More Missionaries

It was exciting to see the Lord hasten His work right before my very eyes