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Don't Be Afraid to Ask

"I came to trust the Church because God showed me there are good people out there."

New Temple Presidents for Canada 2015

Four new temple presidents and matrons for Canada have been called by the First Presidency. They will begin their service on November 1.

The Call

You never know who is on the phone and just how much they might need your help.

Something to Stand On

 “Even though people may think that the standards are a set of ‘rules’ that restrict me, they are quite the opposite. I have no hard choices. I simply have standards. The decisions are already made. I choose it to be easy!”

Visiting Teachers to the Rescue

“My visiting teachers were not only doing a ‘calling,’ but they were acting out of love.” 

Making the Sabbath Day a Delight

“We realized that there was nothing different in our home or in our society that indicated to me that it wasn't just any other day of the week. We determined right then to make sure that we made Sunday an obvious Sabbath day in our home, so that we and our children would always know when it was the Lord’s Day.”

New Mission Presidents for Canada 2015

Three missions will receive new presidents on a three-year assignment beginning soon.

Lessons Learned in Taft Tunnel [Area Seventy Message]

“The sound of that trickling water may beckon to you, but don't give into that call.”