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Not giving up or losing faith is a key principle to being a faithful, productive gardener.
My mother grew up during the Cultural Revolution, so I was astonished to see that these two Latter-day Saint missionaries bypassed “The Great Walls” she had built around herself.
“We appreciate the kindness of the pope and the Vatican. They are most gracious in welcoming us.” President Russell M. Nelson
Christus and Original Apostles Statues Serve as Backdrop for Latter-day Apostles
John the Baptist was a New Testament author who wrote some of the most profound scriptural words ever expressed about our Redeemer—even Jesus Christ.
“This is how I want heaven to be. I can’t imagine it being any different.” Sister Vanna Parisi
“That building is pure: God must live there.” Lukusa
First Presidency guidelines seek greater family involvement in the missionary experience