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My Journey Home

There is no distance so far that you can’t return to Him and revel in his grace and glory. You always have a reason to hope.

Charity Never Faileth

Special recognition is given to a local Relief Society for its contributions to the community for two and an half decades of service.

Motherhood: Education for Life

I was a daughter, a friend, and a sister. But who was I to myself?

Canada Area Church Leaders Extend Messages of Love and Hope for the New Year

Area leaders for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Canada express their wishes for a peaceful and joyful 2016. They encourage us to extend unconditional love to all and to look to the Saviour’s Atonement as a source of renewal and change.

Quiet Christian Service

“Second Mile” Service Becomes Habit for Etobicoke Mormons

This Will Change Your Life

“I called the telephone operator to get the address and phone number of that Mormon Church. I made my mind up to go there and see if I could change my life”.

Ministering to Our Father's Children: Faith and Hope

I have found that the people of Africa have tremendous faith. This strength comes from their complete dependence on the Lord for their survival.