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    I readily accessed the prophet’s writings online—the Joseph Smith Papers. Never have I been so edified and enlightened.
    “We want to get resources into members’ hands—things they can do both at Church and in their daily lives to keep themselves and others safe.” (Eric Hawkins)
    Righteous faith is not a blind hope in idols or hypothetical ideas but a divine force and power that gives strength to create, subdue, heal, or endure.
    Jan Derksen (back boy on an Allied tank, top, and middle) from Holland was saved from starvation when “Soldier Whitehead” shared his rations with him.
    “I ran back for my doll buggy and doll, and I put a loaf of bread into a bag.”
    “Do your duty and don’t do anything to embarrass your mother.”
    “What can I do to develop a soft and contrite heart?”
    The most recent prophetic utterances should always be valued most.