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Youth Partnership Creates 280,000 Life-Saving Meals

Several hundred youth join youth of other faiths in a local community project to assist children in Haiti.

Born to Serve

A strong belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit brought great strength to serve through difficult life challenges.

In the Eye of the Storm

 “We weren’t sure if any of the Church buildings would survive because they are wood structures built on stilts. By 4 o’clock, all 11 missionaries had gathered in the school. It was Friday, the 13th.”

Regina Members Support Northern Fire Relief Efforts

Members unite to provide much-needed community support during provincial fire evacuations.

The Right Way to Live [Area Seventy Message]

"If you love me, do it my way because it is the right way."

New Temple Presidents for Canada 2015

Four new temple presidents and matrons for Canada have been called by the First Presidency. They will begin their service on November 1.

New Mission Presidents for Canada 2015

Three missions will receive new presidents on a three-year assignment beginning soon.