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“Youth are part of a battalion, as President Nelson taught; no one needs to feel alone. We are together.” Stephen W. Owen, Young Men General President
“Over these many centuries, details associated with temple work have been adjusted periodically….” The First Presidency
The Spirit whispered in his ear, “Remember what you promised Me.”
Moroni completed the final refining touches to an extraordinary testament of the divine mission and atoning love of Jesus Christ.
Mormon’s last words expressed the hope that his writings would be joined with biblical records and serve as another testament of the divinity of Jesus Christ.
This is the first of three articles about the Prophets Mormon and Moroni who were the editors responsible for the sacred writings contained within the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.
The 2019 resource of Come, Follow Me is for every individual and family in the Church.
These guidelines should be shared with youth and their parents before their first interviews.
In some ways, ministering is like beginning a new road trip every day.
“The name may change, but everything that people know and love about the choir will not only be the same but will get better and better.” Ron Jarrett
“For me, to come here tonight and to hear [President Nelson] speak and to hear his words, it was very powerful,” Janice Lukes, Winnipeg city councillor
'Is there anything more that you parents and teachers would like for your children than to have real peace in their hearts and in their minds?” President Russell M. Nelson
“I felt empowered and inspired to put in extra work in the gathering of Israel.” Avery Beckstrand
Really everything we’ve done in these last few days together circling the globe could be summed up in two words — the temple,” President Russell M. Nelson.
“Faith is the antidote for fear” (Russell M. Nelson, Ensign, May, 2014)
Changes to the Church’s missionary programs will expand service opportunities for worthy young adults who desire to serve a mission.
“I needed Him to light my knowledge so I could pass the test.”
“As I celebrate Christmas in the coming years, I will continue to reflect on my little wooden box.”
“Love is the key word. Be as close to the families around you as you are with your own family.” President M. Russell Ballard, Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
One of seven semi trucks was filled with food during the Edmonton Food Drive co-ordinated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Youth Leadership Conference attendees in Ontario celebrate at the conclusion of assembling over 13,000 pre-packaged meals for local Ontario food banks.
“We should all help each other, even if we are different.” Andrew Osmond
“Is there any better way to spend a Saturday than volunteering with your parents and grandparents?” Annette Christie
“There are no words to describe how grateful we are. Thank you and God bless.” wrote one of the homeowners in Dunrobin.
”When we put our trust in Christ, give Him the glory and have faith in his power, miracles can happen!” Carmen Letourneau
In his opening remarks at the October General Conference our beloved Prophet, Russell M. Nelson, declared: 'As Latter-day Saints, we have become accustomed to thinking of 'church' as something that happens in our meetinghouses
“There is great power in small moments of ministering. So much power, in fact, that history may later record the moments as miracles.”
Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, spent much of His ministry caring for individuals, one by one. Join us this Christmas as we follow His example and find ways to share our time, love, and resources with those in need.
“It would be beneficial if we became a community of listeners.”
“The experiences that I had with Bona are truly tender mercies from the Lord.”
Area Plan 2019 North America Northwest
Area Plan 2019 North America Central
Area Plan 2019 North America Northeast
Be a part of creating the new global hymnbook and children’s songbook!
“I love the fact that ministering is now a coordinated effort.”
“Canadians—both young and older—have not forgotten.'
She still looked really confused and added, “I thought you came here because of me.”
There will be a “new balance and connection between gospel instruction in the home and in the Church.” President Russell M. Nelson
One by one ministering should not be a rushed activity but be patiently personal.
Modern stories of Latter-day Saint Canadian women inspire each of us to carry on the important work of building and strengthening communities.
One by one ministering should not be a rushed activity but be patiently personal.
The purpose of the prayer breakfast is “to provide a safe place to be inspired to pray for our leaders and to consider the love and relevance of Jesus” ( At the Cunard Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, over 430 guests were recently welcomed to the 38th Provincial Leadership Prayer Breakfast for a time of prayer and reflection. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints participated on the steering committee and as entertainers for the event. The Dartmouth Nova Scotia Stake presidency and area public affairs directors attended the event.
Alberta - Local Information
“…it was important to celebrate the differences as well as the similarities among faith groups.” John MacLennan
Never before in my life have I felt as much joy or excitement as I did when I opened my mission call.” Jeron Bennett
Official Latter-day Saints history published in 14 languages
“Where are they going to find a place set apart from the world?” Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson, Yong Women General President
Historic and contemporary women’s speeches over 185 years
“Suddenly, I realized that by serving others all my life, I had already been serving our Holy Father.”
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against…spiritual wickedness..” (Ephesians 6:12).
“And, situations being what they were in our tiny branch, he was baptized in a hot tub.”
“I think the youth of this generation have been saved for this time--to bring family history forward.”
“Let the dead speak forth anthems of eternal praise to the King Immanuel….” (Doctrine and Covenants 128: 22)
“Nephi was ‘a multifaceted genius’ whose life and mission were destined to bless all people in our day.” (President Russell M. Nelson)
During the announcement of President Russell M. Nelson as the 17th President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Tuesday January 16, 2018, I eagerly anticipated his first message to church members.
“Faith is a joyful sound played on different instruments.” (Reverend Laurie Deacon, Saint Aidan’s Presbyterian Church)
“Not long after that discouraging phone call from the college, I heard an announcement that the Church was starting a new Self-Reliance Initiative.”
“I came to the realization after that phone call that if I hadn’t gone through certain experiences, they would have been burying me as well.”
Community volunteers and stake members help feed thousands.
Three missionary stories explore the heavenly blessings of taking time to stop and interact with strangers.
“Our adoration of Jesus is best expressed by our emulation of Jesus.” (President Russell M. Nelson)
“Everybody deserves to be remembered.” (Elder Bradley D. Foster)
“The Lord is in the small details of our lives, and those incidents and opportunities are to prepare us to lift our families and others as we build the kingdom of God on earth.” (Elder Ronald A. Rasband)
“Through the restoration of the gospel came…a clear understanding of… the ultimate destination in this journey.”
“I felt that I was literally cradled in the hands of my Savior and Redeemer.”
“Our son taught us, though, that family history is really a big puzzle that needs to be carefully examined and put together to form family groups.”
Do you need help? As in right now? Check out the Church’s new “How To” YouTube channel for simple, practical help for many of life’s challenges.
Church members in the far north face unique challenges, including vast distances, isolation, and often extreme weather conditions.
“The blessing I gave that sounded ‘like a goodbye’ really was—a goodbye to his old life and a renewal of his new life as a follower of Christ.”
“Then, it was like turning on the light in a dark room. Suddenly I was standing in the light. THERE WAS NO PAIN!”
“When the new stake was announced, I felt the Spirit witness to my heart that it was an inspired change.” Sister Janae Hubbard
“I knew that God is aware of me and would bless me at a time when I needed comfort the most.”
Jesus saw people buying and selling things in the temple. Because He wanted the temple to be a “house of prayer,” He made them leave. Then He healed people who were lame or blind. The jealous priests were angry with Him.
Jesus Christ healed the sick
Mary visits the tomb and finds that Jesus is not there.
. Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to suffer for our sins and to pray to God. People came with swords and arrested Him.
Jesus Christ taught wherever he went
: “The more we know about the Savior’s ministry and mission—the more we understand His doctrine and what He did for us—the more we know that He can provide the power that we need in our lives.” (President Russell M. Nelson)
Jesus walked from Bethany to Jerusalem. He rode into the city on a donkey, as a verse in the Old Testament said He would. People recognized Him as their King, shouting, “Hosanna,” and laying down palm leaves in front of the donkey to keep dust from getting on the Savior. Jesus visited the temple and then returned to Bethany.
Jesus was resurrected! He had risen from the tomb. An angel descended from heaven and rolled away the stone. Jesus told His disciples to teach and baptize others and promised to always be with them.
Jesus was taken to the high priest, Caiaphas. Jesus’s disciple Peter denied that he knew Him. Jesus was questioned by the governor, Pilate, and by the king, Herod. He was condemned to die on the cross. Jesus was crucified. A rich man named Joseph laid Jesus in his tomb. Jesus’s mother, Mary, and Mary Magdalene visited the tomb.
Jesus Christ healed people who were lame or blind. He is and always be our friend.
“When you do family history, it seems like they are not a number anymore—they are real people. You learn to love them.”
““Working together is akin to praying together.”
Submission Guidelines: How To Contribute To Canada.Lds.Org
Unique experiences lead to conversion and knowledge of the Lord’s love.
“For the first time in history, African Americans can now bridge the gap between freedom and slavery and reunite their families — on paper — that were once torn apart by slavery.” (Elder D. Todd Christofferson)
“That is really why we come out on missions—to help people and just love God’s children.”
Area leaders for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Canada express their wishes for a peaceful, healthy and happy new year.
Mormons, or members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of the World. Learn more about His life, ministry, and divine mission.
Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of the World. Find out more about what Mormons believe it means to have faith in Christ.
Latter-day Saints believe that the temple is the house of the Lord. Learn why temples are built and what happens at a Latter-day Saint temple dedication.
Mark your calendars and join the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for an interactive concert on March 23, 2018.
“I would hope that in a year, the members would feel more united, they would feel more in tune with the Spirit, they would feel more supportive of one another, and they would actually feel that living the gospel of Jesus Christ makes a difference in their daily lives.” (Sister Jean B. Bingham, Relief Society General President)
Five new missions will open in 2018; 19 others will merge with other missions
The Book of Mormon is about God’s love for His children everywhere. Learn more about the Book of Mormon’s role in the history of Mormonism and how it can bless your life today.
More than a year after a massive wildfire evacuated their community, people in Fort McMurray are still trying to get things back to normal.
“I will never know what would have happened if I had not come back for the last six months of my mission.”
A special worldwide broadcast featuring a message from President Russell M. Nelson
President Thomas S. Monson dies at age 90
The bees depend on each other. Work that would be overwhelming for a few bees to do becomes lighter because all of the bees faithfully do their part.
For thousands of community residents living in and around Lethbridge, Alberta this Nativity re-enactment has become a favourite annual Christmas tradition.
Montreal Mormons Gather in a Flash Mob to Celebrate Christmas
“What a wonderful opportunity to learn about genealogy, gardening, baking, service and so much more.”
Every time the missionaries came to teach us more, our whole house was filled with the spirit of the Lord. It seemed as if our whole house was on fire.
'I was in prison and ye came unto me.' (Matthew 25:36)
'That which ye have seen me do even that shall ye do.' (3 Nephi 27:21)
'[I was] naked and ye clothed me.' (Matthew 25:36)
'I was sick and ye visited me.' (Matthew 25:36)
'Blessed are they that mourn.' (Matthew 5:4)
'Forgive men their trespasses.' (Matthew 6:14)
'Rejoice, and be exceeding glad.' (Matthew 5:12)
'All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.' (Matthew 7:12)
'For I was an hungered and ye gave me meat.' (Matthew 25:35)
'Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.' (Matthew 5:44)
'Freely ye have received freely give.' (Matthew 10:8)
'Suffer the little children to come unto me.' (Mark 10:14)
'I was a stranger and ye took me in.' (Matthew 25:35)
Light The World
'Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life.' (John 5:39)
'A man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.' (Luke 12:15)
'Blessed are the merciful.' (Matthew 5:7)
'Honour thy father and thy mother.' (Matthew 15:4)
'Judge not, that ye be not judged.' (Matthew 7:1)
'I was thirsty and ye gave me drink.' (Matthew 25:35)
'Ye shall meet together oft.' (3 Nephi 18:22)
'Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.' (Matthew 22:39)
'Wherefore it is lawful to do well on the sabbath days.' (Matthew 12:12)
'Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.' (Matthew 5:16)
'For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.' (Matthew 6:21)
'Ye must watch and pray always.' (3 Nephi 18:15)
“All that was required of us was to enjoy it and invite our friends and neighbours to join us:
“Going to war was one of the great defining moments in my life, and in our nation’s life.”
The Church has released the following statement:
Something happened in the process of working together that bound us as a group.
Canada played an important role in the early history of the Church.
Family Support Services offers a confidential phone-in group, for women only, that strengthens us in our individual situations.
“It seemed as though all the talks and lessons were inspired.”
“There was something about that first church visit. I left with a giddy-up feeling I hadn’t felt in years.”
“Memory is the one Garden of Eden out of which one need never be cast.”
“In this spiritual application, “RICE” can stand for Repentance, Imparting of ourselves to others, Covenants and Endurance.”
“I call it the ‘sweat shop’ – piles of fabric and rolls of batting sandwiched with individual quilt tops, sewing machines running on ‘fast’, trimmers and turners…”
The strength of the southern Alberta Saints attests to the blessings that have come from having a temple in their midst.
In tears, I asked God why He had forsaken me? Why He had forgotten me?
“It would become a social event for them where they were free to laugh, play, eat, and enjoy each other’s company.”
It all started with an invitation to be our friend that resulted in one more person seeing the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Those who lose themselves in service to others grow and flourish — and in effect save their lives.
“One question instantly came to my mind: How long is “And after many days?”
“The purveyors of hate would like to place a barrier between Muslims and the Canadian community, but they have failed.”
“There comes a time when children can no longer rely on the beliefs of their parents.”
I am pleased to share this message with our brothers and sisters and friends in Canada.
Church’s 2017 Easter initiative is an invitation to find peace through Christ
Not only was I making a difference in the lives of those we served, they were also making a difference in mine.
Area Plan for USA and Canada
Decide now to make General Conference a priority in your life.
“We all benefit from the richness of the different faiths we celebrate.”
“As soon as the first song started, I knew it was going to be incredible.”
“This is exactly where I want you to be, doing exactly what you are doing, with whom you are doing it.”
I was very confused as to what the spirit was trying to tell me to do.
“Members of the community appeared to welcome the temple, particularly the park-like setting that could be enjoyed and appreciated by all area residents.”
“They came with hoes, shovels, planting equipment, energy and enthusiasm.”
My whole surroundings became quiet and I heard a voice telling me not to do it.
How do we create goals to truly experience the change of heart that will help us change our lives?
I heard a voice speaking to me telling me to help my great grandmother to get baptized. provides ministerial materials for members
What a privilege, as an indication of our relationship with Him, to be able to return a sign to our Father in Heaven.
What gifts would the Lord have me give to Him?
Who is that baby?
The most succinct verse in the Bible tells us simply, “Jesus wept.” And yet it speaks volumes about the compassion Jesus Christ felt for others. Like Him, we can respond to suffering with concern, mercy, and healing.
As we reflect on the babe in swaddling clothes this Christmas, we should also reflect on the actions of the adult Savior, who asked His disciples to “suffer the little children to come unto me.” If He made time for them, so can we.
Jesus understood that life’s storms can take many shapes. Some storms rain down from the sky; other tempests come from within. The Master can calm all storms. When we follow His example, we can be a light in the lives of those going through turbulent times.
When the Savior was born, a new light appeared in the heavens. He is the Light of the World—not just on Christmas Day, but every day. Follow Him, and never walk in darkness again.
Come join us in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ at this joyous time of year.
Our Gift to the Saviour
Jesus does not just invite us to follow Him—He gives us the power to do it. In His day, He healed those who could not walk and helped them rise physically and spiritually. Today, we live in a world that offers more ways than ever to assist those living with limited mobility, giving us an unprecedented opportunity to follow the Savior.
During the Last Supper, on the eve of the most difficult and trying moments of His life, Jesus sang hymns with His disciples, showing us the strength we can find as we worship through song.
Jesus Christ taught that our possessions are most valuable when we give them away—especially with His admonition to clothe the naked. Through the act of giving, our clothing can provide the same warmth provided by the swaddling clothes that encircled the newborn King.
The Surrey BC Stake members and missionaries preparing and serving breakfast to 200 homeless in Surrey BC
Some of Jesus Christ’s most enduring words weren’t directed to His disciples but rather to His Father in Heaven as He prayed on behalf of others. As we seek to improve our prayers, we can look to Christ as our ultimate example.
Through His words and actions, Jesus taught that “the last shall be first.” With limitless compassion, He reached out to those isolated by disease, sin, and grief. When we strive to ease the loneliness of others, in the Savior’s words, we “have done it unto [Him].”
When a multitude of thousands gathered to hear Jesus speak, He miraculously turned five loaves and two fishes into a meal for all, leaving none hungry. Today, it is our opportunity to help feed others. Explore the many ways you can help make the Christmas season a feast for everyone.
As a family, we would take turns writing the note that was left to try and keep our identity a secret.
 It has blessed me personally because I find that I will be counting the blessings in my own life...
My 8-year-old granddaughter decided to write a note to a girl in the other family.
We plan out every day up until Christmas day in a 'Sleeps Countdown
Do you enjoy Christmas Stories?
What happened to him?
#LIGHTtheWORLD — Follow Our Savior Jesus Christ. In 25 Ways over 25 Days.
Our potential friend, the bicycle Lady
Recently in a busy airport, I (amidst many others) was moving as quickly as I could through long lines and crowded spaces.
The Sabbath helps us turn to the Lord, to our families, to those in need.
“I can’t stand the church. Period.” That’s what I said to the Elders who were asking me to read the Book of Mormon and to truly listen to what they had to say.
If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders fields.
“One begins to conquer life when he let’s go of tired excuses….”
“What my friend loved the most was seeing the power of women working together to accomplish something good for the community.”
I wasn’t missing anything at all. … I, the chosen mother to this precious spirited child, was exactly where I needed to be.
'The earth is the Lord's bank, and no man has a right to take money out of that bank and use it extravagantly upon himself.'
“…I will tell you in your mind and in your heart, by the Holy Ghost, which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your heart.” (Doctrine & Covenants 8:2)
“…when we are obedient we can truly see the miracles that happen.” There were so many miracles on my mission!
“I never thought I would get to be in the temple.”
Experiences and testimonies of Sisters serving in Canadian Missions
In nine weeks, my mother, sister, husband and I all found our own testimonies, each in completely different ways
“For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” (Matthew 7:8)
Reflections and stories from the Mission field
The day after he returned from his mission, Alex del Mundo sent a Facebook friend request to the woman who would become his future wife, all because he had seen her picture in a Mormon Newsroom article.
In 2015 the Glenwood Ward, in the Cardston Alberta Stake, did enough temple ordinances from their Family History research to have created a large stake.
“Not until I took him to the airport to drop him off for a flight to his mission in Australia …”
“I see how the Lord was placing me in every way for a reason. I never once lost my faith or questioned the course God placed me on.”
“I gathered my family and assured them everything would be okay and that we had lost only the material things…”
“I had no reason to come back. I didn’t realize I was unhappy or looking for something, just suddenly that day I needed to talk to the bishop.”
A Canadian couple has been called to serve as a new mission president in Lagos, Nigeria.
The First Presidency has called new temple presidents and matrons for two Canadian temples
If we are going to be a Zion people we must truly come to love each other
“I knocked three times before my father opened the door.”
“I heard these words as if they had been whispered in my ear…“
“Everything in the Church, the meetings and activities, the missionary efforts, the lessons taught and the hymns, all lead to the work done in holy temples.”
“My greatest fear was that Kushal, a Hindu by birth, might view the storm as a warning against his baptism.”
“…we don’t have control over everything that happens, and there are things that happen for a reason.”
I was very devastated, but as I look back now, it was such a blessing.
“…and the miracle of three temples in Alberta”
Merry and Paul realized that if Joshua’s life was going to be short he should be able to peruse his desires while he could. They let him sign up for Special Olympic floor hockey.
“When we find ourselves in deep, turbulent waters, I hope we reach up and towards our Saviour and never give up hope.”
“No one has ever done anything like that for me in my entire life.”
'We were both stunned and thrilled to discover we would serve our entire 12-month mission in the very city we had lived in, where we were married and where we had each been baptized so many years earlier.”
“There were 50 monks there and they confirmed that they do take care of children.”
“Did we leave an everlasting impact? Probably not, but for that week we helped the people we saw. We helped the one. Whatever we did, it was worth it to me.”
“I felt a sensation, a prompting as if a voice were speaking to me. It told me ‘search for the truth,’ find the church.”
Two Canadian missions are getting new mission presidents and two Canadian couples have been called to serve in that same capacity outside Canada.
“Before leaving, he put his hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eyes and said ‘Sister, Heavenly Father loves you and I leave you all my blessings.’ Then he left.”
It is rare nowadays to visit any webpage that does not have some type of Share functionality. So, what holds us back from sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
“I remember the feeling of peace that came over me as Peter and I sat in a ‘quiet room’ waiting for the surgeon to finish.”
“I finally found what I’d been looking for, but I didn’t want to have missionaries convert me.”
“It is a relief to know that my documented ancestors have been offered the opportunity to accept baptism in the spirit world for later entry into the Kingdom of God.”
“Radio is not just work to me; it’s a passion of mine. How could I give up my dream?”
“The adversary is very cunning; he has been trying to worm his way into our lives for a very long time”
The recent Supreme Court of Canada decision to strike down a ban on euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide is now in the forefront of public discussion. Canadian members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, along with members of other faith-based organizations, have an opportunity to make their voices heard on this critical issue.”
“I remember D-Day. I looked up at a sky covered with aircraft, all heading in one direction from home base in England …….”
Coming to terms with my brother’s suicide.
“Get all the information you can get on that property the Prophet identified as a ‘good site’ for a temple.”
Elder M. Russell Ballard will address Church Education System personnel and stake and institute teachers and supervisors on Friday, February 26, 2016, at 6 p.m
“We pointed out the gate number on her boarding pass, guaranteed her we would follow through with our promises and turned this little missionary and her broken English over to the Lord.”
“You must understand that these children never have such treats and it could very well be the first cake they have ever seen.”
“One of our missionaries was one of Brigham Young’s grandsons, another was Marvin J. Ashton and I used to sit on his knee and tell him that I was going to marry him when I grew up.”
“I noticed a special code, a code of conduct. This code of conduct is crucial, both inside and outside of our council meetings. Whenever we come together, we must come prepared to conduct ourselves in the manner the Lord has taught.”
“There is no distance so far that you can’t return to Him and revel in his grace and glory. You always have a reason to hope.”
“Special recognition is given to a local Relief Society for its contributions to the community for two and an half decades of service.”
“I was a daughter, a friend, and a sister. But who was I to myself?”
Area leaders for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Canada express their wishes for a peaceful and joyful 2016. They encourage us to extend unconditional love to all and to look to the Saviour’s Atonement as a source of renewal and change.
“Second Mile” Service Becomes Habit for Etobicoke Mormons”
“I called the telephone operator to get the address and phone number of that Mormon Church. I made my mind up to go there and see if I could change my life”.
I have found that the people of Africa have tremendous faith. This strength comes from their complete dependence on the Lord for their survival.
The Calgary Alberta area reorganization produces a new stake.
Nativity events help communities focus on the first Christmas.
“The woman then asked me, ‘Do you think cats have souls?’ I pray for missionary opportunities and for the courage to know how to act on them,” he said. “Here was a missionary opportunity delivered right onto my lap.”
'Through all of this, I have really learned how to pray, I mean really pray; to cry in pain and ask for help, to beg Him, in that moment, to please share the load that only He and I know.'
I looked up into the sky and wondered, what is in or above the clouds?”
“Every year I have people come up to me who don’t even know who I am and give me a hug, Barb says. “And with tears in their eyes say, ‘You have brought me back to what Christmas really is.”
The children of Africa express sincere gratitude for the simplest of blessings--a cup of water, an orange or a small stuffed animal. The things they treasure the most are each other and their relationship with God.
November 29 – December 6     Sidney (Victoria), BC
Life lessons learned by a young girl build a pathway for the future.
“Theodore Brandley wasn't just a name or a black and white figure in a faded photo anymore—he was a person with whom they had just spent a wonderful evening making family memories in the present by learning about his past.”
'We’ll never know, in mortality, what the likes of many endured. But, we can bow our heads and give them some respect, some sympathy, our thanks, our commitment to never forget!'
Temple Open House and Rededication to be held in November.
“You don’t have to push a handcart to be a pioneer. Maybe you are the pioneers in your family.”
“Ministering To Our Father’s Children” is a series of articles compiling selected journal excerpts of Brother Christensen, who has travelled to many parts of the world providing charitable service to the poorest of our Heavenly Father's children, many living under the most severe of conditions. Experiences he describes [without editing] have been organized into collections that demonstrate Christ-like attributes or qualities shown by these wonderful people.
'The rain picks up and the show pauses for 15 minutes while the rain passes through. Then, after the stage is dried, the show continues as if nothing is wrong and nothing is; just another wonderful performance of the Nauvoo pageant.'
When asked what was the General Authorities' main concern for the YSA, he responded, “Being distracted by the things of the world'.
With the Sacrament, we take simple and common things and make them something powerful. In the end, that’s almost a synopsis of God’s plan for each of us. He knows that each of us, normal people, with all of our individual limitations, have the potential to become something extraordinary.
“Travelling long distances is a small price to pay for the benefit and blessing of participating in sacred ordinances.”
'If we are on the Lord’s side—if we love Him more than the world—it will be reflected in our daily living.' [Elder Donald L. Hallstrom]
Local faith community representatives were invited to read from sacred texts and to offer prayers on behalf of peace.
“He paid the tithing and a miracle happened.”
Many of the British Columbia host families expressed immediate bonding with their visitors and while they greatly enjoyed the inspirational music, they treasured most the time spent with their new friends. It’s a great trust to send children into the homes of strangers, but with the discretion of Bishops, the Spirit, our shared faith and values, it works out well.
“I got a prompting like I’d never had before—I have to help these people!”
In the quiet, almost-empty hallway of a small-town post office, a senior couple began one of their most rewarding mission experiences.
There is a great need to provide even the basics of life, such as a bed and a safe place to sleep, for the poorest of our Heavenly Father's children.
Several hundred youth join youth of other faiths in a local community project to assist children in Haiti.
A strong belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit brought great strength to serve through difficult life challenges.
 “We weren’t sure if any of the Church buildings would survive because they are wood structures built on stilts. By 4 o’clock, all 11 missionaries had gathered in the school. It was Friday, the 13th.”
Members unite to provide much-needed community support during provincial fire evacuations.
'If you love me, do it my way because it is the right way.'
'Over the past eight years, I have travelled the world, seeking out children who have been orphaned by disaster, disease, violence or poverty.'
'I came to trust the Church because God showed me there are good people out there.'
'You never know who is on the phone and just how much they might need your help.'
 “Even though people may think that the standards are a set of ‘rules’ that restrict me, they are quite the opposite. I have no hard choices. I simply have standards. The decisions are already made. I choose it to be easy!”
“My visiting teachers were not only doing a ‘calling,’ but they were acting out of love.” 
“He who lives only unto himself withers and dies, while he who forgets himself in the service of others grows and blossoms in this life and in eternity.”
“We realized that there was nothing different in our home or in our society that indicated to me that it wasn't just any other day of the week. We determined right then to make sure that we made Sunday an obvious Sabbath day in our home, so that we and our children would always know when it was the Lord’s Day.”
Three missions will receive new presidents on a three-year assignment beginning soon.
“It isn’t only about having family home evening and prayer. It’s also what we do after we get off of our knees.”
 “That day I came to the realization that God trusted me, that I came to be in that place, at that time, to help and protect one of his precious daughters.”
“The sound of that trickling water may beckon to you, but don't give into that call.”
“There are many things that have affected my life this last week since conference, and I suspect will continue to in the future.”
Patience, persistence and being a true friend are key to effective home teaching.
 “It was a sensation that I get when I ask about what I should do. I knew then that joining the Church was the right thing to do.”
Members with 'special needs' bless the wards in which they live.
Immigration from many lands is part of Church history in Canada. From Africa to Canada, this story tells how a family decided to immigrate, determined to actively experience gospel living and temple blessings.
I followed the Spirit all day, not smoking, then I put the children to bed. I never had a desire to smoke after that. At night, during my prayer the Spirit said, “Now you can go to Church!”
Youth around the world are invited to participate in a live, interactive Q&A session with Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles with his wife, Susan, on Wednesday, May 12, 2015, at 6:00 p.m. MDT.
The First Presidency announces the reopening of the Montreal Quebec Temple
Sometimes we don't understand our own needs or how we can change, but it is important to heed the spirit and listen to the messages that prompt us to take a different direction.
“Everyone wants to be a Mormon—they just don’t know it, yet.”
He was dead. A friend said, “It’s unbelievable what happened. It’s unbelievable how he came back.”
It may seem as if this advice is too simple for these deep-rooted problems, but the Golden Rule does work and will work because it comes from God.
 “We decided to just serve the people in the community...and miracles began to happen.”
 “As you respond in faith to this invitation, your hearts shall turn to the fathers.” - Elder David A. Bednar
 “Each week we were greeted with warm smiles and friends who sought us out just to say ‘hi.’ It made getting up early on Sunday morning much easier.”
“We have the similarities of wanting to do good for these people.”
Our stake president explained that all members, especially youth, would be more involved in wholesome pursuits as they engaged themselves in family history.
Mormon Missionaries Changing Lives; Members Sharing the Blessings
Upon arrival in Canada, they had asked a man if this were a good country and he said, “It’s a fine country, but you have to have a search warrant to find a dollar.”
As they spoke, a very powerful impression came over me to take family history work seriously.
Receive inspiration and instruction from Church leaders streamed live on February 14 as a part of FamilySearch’s RootsTech conference.
With the Lord's intervention, the blessings of ancestry and posterity would be preserved.
“Whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions…” (Alma 36:3)
“By 6:00 p.m. they had not returned, and it was now dark and stormy. I became terrified.”
Dad wrote me a letter saying, ‘I don’t understand what you’re doing or why you’re doing it, but I’m proud to have a daughter who can stand up for what she believes.’”
The Lord is able to do His own work. The question is will we repent, change and keep up as He hastens His work?
“The chapel, the stake and the temple are sacred as they contribute to the building of the most sacred institution in the Church - the home.”
A weekend of good, clean winter fun is guaranteed. Dances, guest speakers, meals and more is included in the cost.
 “My prayer is that we will be both the recipient and the instrument of God’s tender mercies this Christmas season.”
“For me, this was the hardest thing I ever did. For all my years of playing soccer I had dreamed of playing on the HPL soccer team, and felt bad to upset the coach by telling him I would not play on Sunday.”
Dates: December 21, 22 & 23
 “My grandfather's journal has been a great strength to many members of my family.”
“…we will not fully enjoy the gospel of Jesus Christ unless we share it.”
“It’s a great opportunity to have the temple not far from my house, so I can go when I want and have the experience to feel the Holy Ghost.”
To renounce the world means to give up your attachment to the world. It does not mean that you have to separate yourself from it.” - Dalai Lama
 “Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you”
A rich harvest is available as we walk in the light.
“I didn’t know why He sent me to earth in the body that I have now, but now I know it was for a reason.”
What is really remote here is the Church. There is no church life in Whistler.
Bring your family history discovery—a photo, a story or a name. Be inspired and share your story with friends!
Area Seventies from across Canada unitedly express their condolences to families and friends of attack victims
“Here it isn’t the teacher who does most of the talking. We discuss the gospel concepts together. The students teach each other.”
A temple president reflects on what matters most
LDS Canada is on Facebook
“...I perceive that ye are in the path which leads to the kingdom of God”
Rumours about a “Golden Bible” had been circulating throughout the region for some years, so there was much curiosity about the man who called himself a prophet of God.
“If only every convert could get to the temple as soon as possible after they’re baptized to feel the power of the Spirit that we can be together forever.”
Saturday, October 18, 2014   Surrey, BC
“They recognized the challenges of such an international effort; however, they did not lack faith.”
“Our leaders promise that we will be protected from the adversary as we are involved in family history work.”
A BYU professor speaks to the local youth and young single adults
As we are spiritually sensitive to find those ready to hear the gospel, we are privileged to share in the Lord’s miracle of conversion.
“My church participation was not sustained for long periods and prevented me from progressing spiritually.”
 “He had received word from the Brethren to take us out and move us to Kiev. President Lochhead assured us that we would all be safe.”
“We perhaps need to snatch happiness in little pieces, learning to recognize the elements of happiness and then treasuring them while they last.”
“There are always ways that each of us, as individuals and families, can help.”
 “You are against the family and our religion!” they said and sent me a notice saying that I was not their son.
Join together to set the all-time record for the most indexing participants in a single day.
Two Church member brothers medal in the Canada Special Olympics 2014 Summer Games and provide service in their community and church.
Hello! Do you have a copy of the Book of Mormon that you can give me, and will you baptize me? Please, sir?
“A lot of investigators are being taught. It’s going to keep growing,” 
“I challenge all of us to work with people of other faiths to improve the moral fabric of our communities, nations, and world and to protect religious freedom.” (Elder Quentin L. Cook)
Watch a recording of a conversation with former American Idol contestant and returned missionary David Archuleta
A year after catastrophic floods descended on southern Alberta, Church members recount their faith-promoting experiences in the face of disaster
Today we waited in line for hours for our government debit card, to help with the expenses of living away from home.
Like many extended families, mine has had some disagreements.
Our home was not touched by flood water. It was, however, marred by the sewage that the lift station did not control when the power went down. 
How could they teach me, an experienced minister, anything about the gospel of Jesus Christ?
Messages of inspiration from two Apostles, a General Authority and the Relief Society General President are broadcast to Saints across the country.
The effect of praying for a simple act of shaking an Apostle's hand could never have been forseen.
Ordinances and covenants have the power to elevate our lives above the temporal and provide the safety of greatest worth.
Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles visits Regina and Winnipeg.
Five stakes received instruction from two general authorities and an area seventy on Easter Sunday.
Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, with other general authorities and area leaders, conducted meetings in Regina and Edmonton.
The students are teaching one another.  They study the lesson topic and lead the discussion and apply it to their lives.
Easter is the celebration of Jesus Christ rising from the dead on the third day—a truth not only at the core of our faith, but also at the heart of answers to the deepest questions of the soul.
In addition to Elder Christofferson’s visit to stakes in British Columbia’s lower mainland in early March, more Apostles and other general authorities have since  visited congregations in Calgary, Lethbridge, Toronto and Montreal.
General Authorities visit Southern Alberta.
General Authorities visit the Calgary area.
General Authorities visit the Montreal area.
General Authorities visit the Toronto area.
The source of moral authority emanates from God and is planted and cultured in the home.
Messages of inspiration provide spiritual and testimony-building encouragement
In recent ponderings, my thoughts have been turned to the Saviour’s charge
A First Nations family is converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ
It was exciting to see the Lord hasten His work right before my very eyes
Watch for David Bissett in the Olympic Bobsled competition in Sochi
Let it be such work that our descendants will thank us for it
The best part of today was giving away the Book of Mormon
We smiled, amazed at how the gospel was preached just by our being at that place at that time.
A special feeling of helping those less fortunate was felt through group service
Our testimonies were a blessing given to us at the same instant while we were 80 kilometres apart.
When the odds are stacked against you, stand up and shine
“He that is not against us is for us.” (Luke 9:50)
The Church has commissioned a new website design that is being rolled out worldwide.
A motto to put things in perspective.
Stories of Jesus can have a powerful effect on us as we allow His mercy to penetrate our hearts.
The natives lived in difficult conditions–their huts were made with split logs bound with vines and covered with palm-thatched roofs.
I love my bishop! He made me feel so comfortable. He was wonderful
Employment provides an opportunity for placement and self-worth.
My heart was filled with compassion once I could feel what other people were feeling.  
As we learn to trust our Heavenly Father and be obedient to his council, we are led to the living waters and are sustained in every needful way.
Having had the privilege of being part of this family's marvelous conversion, I feel that I was called to the Canada Vancouver Mission for a distinct reason.
Youth come to know what's at the heart of The Book of Mormon.
It truly was a 'without purse or script' experience.
We want you to learn how strong you are. We want you to understand what you are capable of…and that's anything!
I had a feeling in my heart that they could help me.
In hindsight, it seems that during those experiences there was some influence with us. It made our hearts tender and open to receive the truths of the gospel
With coordinated lifting and faith in every footstep of the 20 kilometers, the bulk of the muscle-power needed for the journey had been completed.
We felt the need to do something for the children
What a wonderful effort by all involved. We have indeed been of service in our communities and we have demonstrated through our efforts to do as the Savior would have done. We have truly been His hands in this work
We are having more sudden storms, tornadoes and emergencies as the climate changes. We also need to be prepared for a potential pandemic flu. The Region of Waterloo government has an emergency plan for the area, however when preparing, it is important to think of a potential one-third police, fire, emergency and health care staff in the area [themselves] being sick...Be prepared
Ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you
None of us should become so busy in our formal Church assignments that there is no room left for quiet Christian service to our neighbors
After receiving record-breaking rainfall, the community of High River suffered a flash flood on Thursday, June 20 when the Highwood River overflowed its banks
I thought that I should have been happy, but I just wasn't.
We see quite a few members from China being baptized in the Vancouver area. In our ward there were nine baptisms so far this year, all from China.
While adherence to any direction given to us by these living prophets is good, it is much better if we seek to follow all their counsel, even that which is difficult for us to do.
On May 25, 2013, Gordon Rice of Stirling, Alberta was recognized for 33 years of faithful service to LDS Scouting. One hundred and forty people crowded the Stirling Community Centre to show their gratitude and honour this great friend and Scouting leader.
There is no greater Church calling than that of a home teacher. There is no greater Church service rendered to our Father in Heaven’s children than the service rendered by a humble, dedicated, committed home teacher.'
“Some of the great blessings of these programs are that as the youth of the Church, you will have a clear understanding of who you are, you will be accountable for your actions, you will take responsibility for the conduct of your life, and you will be able to set goals so that you might achieve what you were sent to earth to achieve. Our plea is that you strive to do your very best.”
At that moment, I felt many things. One was the realization that I had been brought to the home of this lovely family for the exact reason that they were ready for the gospel.
During one of the tours in the Stake Centre, an elderly Sikh woman, who couldn’t speak English... pointed to a painting of the resurrected Saviour... [and] noticed the nail prints in the Saviour’s hands, pointed to her own hands, so that Elaine would know what she was focused on, and wept. My wife knew precisely what the woman was expressing, and wept with her
'I said a prayer. I let God know that I knew that He knew the whereabouts of all things and that we would be grateful if He would be able to show us the way.'
Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
“If anything, what I have gone through allows me to be of help to someone else, then it has all been worthwhile.”
I could feel the love that enveloped me from the spirit of God, Jesus Christ and from my family and friends. Miracles had taken place and I could no longer deny the truthfulness of the gospel.
Let us try to create a picture of our life this last week. As always, we rejoice in the beautiful island where we serve
Doing family history enriches my life as I learn of my ancestors whom the Saviour holds so dear.
Any work you do in the temple is time well spent, but receiving ordinances vicariously for one of your own ancestors will make the time in the temple more sacred, and even greater blessings will be received. The First Presidency has declared, ‘Our preeminent obligation is to seek out and identify our own ancestors’ (First Presidency letter, Feb. 29, 2012).
While adherence to any direction given to us by these living prophets is good, it is much better if we seek to follow all their counsel, even that which is difficult for us to do.
The New
President Monson has been encouraging senior couples to enter the mission field: “We need many, many more senior couples.
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths
Thank you for inviting us into your home.' She pulled back a bit, looked me in the eyes and burst into tears then said, 'I'm the one who cannot thank you enough. I am so grateful. You have done so much for me. You are my angels.'
Facing challenges builds strength of character
'What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.'
I looked up to see my home teachers, one of whom had a big smile on his face. I remember them speaking to me, though I don’t recall what was said... They placed their hands on my head and as they did so I closed my eyes
When Barbara Watters, a Saanich resident and Church member, acquired her first Nativity set in 2005, she didn’t dream that six years later she would own 375 of them.
I believe that any person of faith involved in artistic creation is concerned to create something that is pleasing to God, as well as to himself and to others...
The story of building a temple is not just about finding the land, hiring a contractor and then constructing the building
Victoria Lan is truly an amazing kid who believes in developing and sharing the talents that she considers gifts from her Father in Heaven.
It is no coincidence that we are born at this time.
“I did not realize the full impact of what we were doing. I just knew it was changing me. It was letting me stand in the shoes of those with a disability.'
Love and virtue, faith and wisdom, Grace and gifts were all combined. As himself each loved his neighbor; All were one in heart and mind
With a temple under construction, the Calgary Alberta West Stake youth leaders wanted to help the youth contemplate their personal journeys to the Temple.
In the spring of this year, one hundred and sixty brothers and sisters over 75-years-wise were invited to participate in the “Taber Stake Youth Celebrating Taber Stake Seniors” event.
What I have learned from regular temple attendance
With all of life’s demands on our time and resources, we can still reach out to assist others.
Early morning, Fort McMurray, Alberta, late 1980s: Brother Svendsen is taking his usual loa
Situated near Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island is Camp Barnard, a 250-acre camp property with extensive hiking trails set among pine, cedar and fir forests and a salmon-bearing stream surrounding 14-acre Young Lake.
Bringing about a mighty change of heart
Mission Ready—Temple Worthy” is the theme of this greatest ever scouting encampment
• To date, 593 indexers in the Calgary Alberta West Stake have indexed over 370,500 names.
With this growing worldwide perspective, I have spent much time pondering how the gospel is established…
In the spring of 1951, missionaries stopped to talk to a man as he worked in his garden on a hilly property in an out-of-the-way place near Timmins, Ontario
“What is faith if it is not translated into action?”
“I’m still basking in the glow of attending the Awards Ceremony and opening reception of the LDS Church History Museum’s Ninth International Art Competition in Salt Lake City,”
“The members were happy, the donors were happy and the food banks were happily shocked. They had no idea of the magnitude of this project, but then neither did we.”
In the worst flooding in more than 140 years, members and friends of the Church lent a helping hand to flood victims along the Richelieu River in Quebec.
Brent and Linda King know how to rally their eight children for a great cause. The King family has made a significant contribution to the community by volunteering their time raising funds at the Vancouver Canucks hockey games.
Area Seventies are called to proclaim the gospel and to be special witnesses of Jesus Christ.
“I still don’t know everything about the Gospel, but I hope to continue learning throughout my life so that I can be an inspiration to others”. - Sarah Olson
While each year the material things of our world seem to play a bigger and bigger role in our lives, the account of the birth of our Saviour stays the same and cannot be improved upon.
The gospel of Jesus Christ is the bedrock on which a happy life can be built” even for a CFL football player.  Ben Archibald and his wife, Jodi, talk about their experiences.
'The book had left me with a clear conviction of its truthfulness and a strong impression of its power.'
As we inaugurate the new Canada website, we express appreciation to all who have contributed to its success. The messages and content found on this site contribute to the great work the Father and the Son revealed through the Prophet Joseph Smith.
'We sent up more prayers - this time filled with gratitude for the blessings that the Lord that rained down on our community this week.' - Shauna Salmon
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During the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus Christ taught that peacemakers are called the children of God. We can earn that blessed title when we reach out to others in the spirit of forgiveness, reconciliation, and resolution.
 We plan out every day up until Christmas day in a 'Sleeps Countdown